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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our showcase hunters and the answers to them. Most likely you’ll find answer to your question here.


What is a referral program? How does it work?

A referral program is a method for Pop Up Showcase to identify potential future clients and to list them on its website. If the Referred use the service of Pop Up Showcase, we will award you!

How do I earn money?

With our referral program, you can earn money by referring jewelry and watch stores to Pop Up Showcase. Pop Up Showcase will award you if the Referred Retailer use the service of Pop Up Showcase to rent showcases or spaces.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Signing-up as a Showcase Hunter is free of charge. No setup fee, no start-up cost, no hidden performance targets to reach! All you need to do is keep linking and collect your commissions.


How do I get started?

Simply complete the online application here. Once you are approved, you’ll receive an email with the link to your Affiliate Dashboard.

Who can participate?

Showcase Hunter Referral Program is reserved to jewelry designers, students of jewelry, gemology or watchmaker schools only.

Do I need my own Company or website?

No, it’s fine to use Pop Up Showcase both as an individual and as a company and you don’t need website.

Can I be a Referral is I am under 18?

No, unfortunately. If you are under 18 you cannot legally accept the Agreement that is required to be accepted into our affiliate programs.

Can I have multiple account?

No, you can only have one account.

How long does it take for application approval?

Usually less than one week. If you have waited more than 7 days, please contact affiliate team and we will investigate.

Why my application is not approved?

Determinations of eligibility for this Referral Scheme will be made in Pop Up Showcase’ sole discretion. An application can be denied for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Applicant is not in accordance with our affiliate program rules
  • The quota for the city or region is reached.


How many stores can I list?

The Referral Scheme is subject to a maximum of 50 Referral Retailers per Referrer. If you reach this limit and want to make further referrals, you need Pop Up Showcase’ s prior consent.

What are pending store?

Referral Retailers or new stores will have status Pending until they are approved or rejected by Pop Up Showcase. Referral Retailers that are rejected are removed from your account balance and marked as Not approved in your account.

How long does it take for store approval?

Pop Up Showcase verifies new stores within a few days. If your new store is pending review after few days.

How do I know that a store was approved?

A store is approved when it appears on your store list.

Why was a store not approved?

Here are the common reasons for rejection of store:

  • Data submission is incomplete or incorrect.
  • Store already listed
  • Store profile not in line with Pop Up showcase’s requirements


How do you track my commissions?

Each Referral retailer has a unique identifier, allowing us to track each referral account and commissions. If your account is activated.

What information will I receive on my commissions?

Affiliate commissions are paid out every month if you have accrued over $100. If you are eligible for payment, you will receive a notification by email.

Each commission is detailed in a table with the name of the store, the renting dates and total renting amount.


What commission do I get for my referrals?

With our referral program, you can earn money by referring jewelry and watch stores to Pop Up Showcase. Pop Up Showcase will award you if the Referred Retailer uses the service of Pop Up Showcase to rent showcases or spaces.

The award will take the form of referral commissions: you will get 10% of our commission the first 12 months and 5% the second 12 months from the approved date of the Referral Retailer. For example, if we earn a commission of $100 per month with a Referred Retailer, you will get $10 per month the 12 first months and $5 the second 12 months.

The more active the Referred Retailers are, the more you get paid.

How, when and in which currencies do I get paid?

Payment specifications are created in your account around the 15th of each month and payments are made on the 10th of the following month according to the information you provide under your Account.

In order to get paid, you’ll need to send us an invoice. Pop Up Showcase offers 2 payment methods for sending the commission to its affiliates:

  • By wire transfer. (requires a bank account)
  • By PayPal.

The currencies in which Pop Up Showcase pays the commission to its affiliates are either US dollars (USD) or EURO.

Do I need to pay taxes on the commission I earn?

For residents of Singapore, Pop Up Showcase will automatically deduct taxes from payments to individuals and add VAT to payments to companies. Individuals and companies residing outside Singapore must report earnings to their national tax authorities on their own account.

Why was not my entire account balance paid?

Referrals can be paid out monthly but only if the current total accumulated commissions reached $100 (the “Commission Payment Floor”) or more. If the commissions payable to the Referrer for any month are less than the Commission Payment Floor, Pop Up Showcase will hold those commissions until the total amount due is at least equal to the Commission Payment Floor.

What to do if I don’t receive my payment?

Transferring a deposit to your bank account can take up to 5 business days to reach your bank. If you still haven’t located the funds after 5 business days, please contact immediately our affiliate team and we will investigate.

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