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We are the first online marketplace for renting short term jewelry and watch retail spaces

Founded in 2016 in Singapore, we’re bringing the Airbnb model to the retail world, connecting jewelry and watch brands with retail spaces around the globe. In fact, we’re the start-up tackling the most difficult challenge facing jewelry and watch brands today: how to grow business and engage millennials?


Millions of showcases are sleeping

Jewelry retailers and brands are suffering and millions of jewelry showcases are sleeping. We are building the future of the jewelry and watch retail by making it more engaging, more reactive and more profitable for both, retailers and brands.


Unlock sleeping showcases worldwide

Improving showcase inventory turnover is the key for better deployment of resources and retail performance. Our mission is to unlock sleeping showcases by connecting the right brands or collections with the right showcases.



We can connect your brand with retailers in more than 400 cities worldwide

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Every day we are identifying and listing new potential pop-up showcases



We can help you to grow your business in more than 40 countries