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It’s simple: list jewelry stores and wait for easy money

By listing jewelry stores on our website, you make money when the store rents its showcase to brands. If you’re dreaming about earning money with little effort, our Showcase Hunter Referral program is perfect for you.

Commission Rate

You get commission during 2 years on every store you bring in! First Year: 12% on our service fee, second Year: 6%


Showcase Hunter Referral Program is reserved to jewellery designers, students of jewelry, gemology or watchmaker schools only.

A program wish makes sense

Our program is intended to assist the next generation of designers, gemologists and watches makers with financial support.

More referral means more money to finance your project

Because we understand that student life is expensive, you can refer up to 50 jewelry retailers and have the opportunity to make few hundred dollars a month.

Gain Real-Life Experience in your future profession

By listing stores and exploring the jewelry retail scene, you will gain valuable experience and insights for your future profession. Product offer, positioning, brand image, soon jewelry retailers in your area will not longer hold any secret for you.

Create a better future for yourself

The best way to predict your future is to create it. By helping us to make the jewelry and watch industry more engaging, reactive and profitable, you are creating a better future for yourself.

For more information, visit our FAQ page and Terms & Conditions page.