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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers and the answers to them. Most likely you’ll find answer to your question here.


How much do you charge for your services?

We are in pre-launch for the moment. That’s mean you can use Pop Up Showcase for free (and make any suggestions).

How does Pop Up Showcase work?

Pop Up Showcase is the first online marketplace for renting short term jewelry and watches retail space. We are matchmakers, we connect jewelry and watches’ available showcases to brands.

Retailers can list showcase(s) and brands can search for showcase(s) by either browsing our guides or entering their preferred retailer names, brands or locations directly into the search bar.

We are a marketplace where retailers and brands have equal rights.

What are the benefits of listing showcase(s) through Pop Up Showcase?

  • We help you to make money without any risks.
  • Pop Up Showcase is the most effective way to reach the growing community of jewelry and watch brands who want to rent showcases. We give you a global exposure for free.
  • We take care of you! We serve as a filter between you and brands, and send you only serious requests.
  • Pop Up Showcase simplify the way of booking showcase(s) and partner with you to make your pop up a success: we promote your pop up on Facebook for free.
  • We understand your business and issues: Pop Up Showcase team are jewelry and watch professionals which focus on the luxury industry only.

At Pop Up Showcase, we want to change the way retailers engage with brands.


Is listing showcase(s) free?

Pop Up Showcase does not charge service fee for listing showcase(s). Listing a showcase is free and we do not have any membership fees.

Pop Up Showcase charges only a small service fee when a booking is completed through our platform. But not now! We are in pre-launch for the moment. That means that our service is 100% free.

Who can list a showcase?

We welcome any jewelry and/or watch retailer with showcase(s) to rent, whatever the location or size of the store. But are listed only independent retailers, chain stores or franchises outlets with less than tens shops by country.

What types of showcase(s) can I list?

You can list any type of jewelry or watch showcases on Pop Up Showcase such as:

  • Window showcase
  • Counter showcase
  • Podium, tower showcase
  • Wall showcases

Please provide detail as much as possible when you describe your showcase in your store (and photos). It’s the only way for brands to have an accurate perception of your showcase and its environment.

How do I list a showcase?

To start, simply click “Listing your showcase” on the homepage. Then, fill the short form which needs your contact and basic store details. Once you have submitted your form, an advisor of our retailer partnerships team will contact you within the next working days after reviewing your application.

The decision to accept an enquiry remains with Pop Up Showcase. If your application is accepted, your advisor will send a new form to fill the detail of your store and showcase.

Please note that no website means no business with Pop Up Showcase.

Why to communicate detailed information and photos?

Pop Up Showcases focus on making bookings as simple and transparent as possible for retailers and brands. To achieve this goal, we have basic requirements that retailers must address in their profile. Detail page with store history, profile and showcase information, brand portfolio, quality photo, an accurate perception of your store is essential for brands.

The more detail you provide, the more you inspire trust.


How much should I charge for my showcase?

Pricing your showcase(s) appropriately is an important part of becoming a successful Pop Up Showcase partner. We encourage you to first consider the value of your showcase based on your store location, brand portfolio, showcase size and in-store location.

You should browse current listings to see how showcases in your area are priced. If you need assistance, please contact our Retailer Partnership Team, we will be more than happy to help you.

What does pricing include?

The price set on a showcase is all inclusive. All of our listing prices show the total booking amount, including future Pop Up Showcase’s fee.

Please keep in minds Pop Up Showcase 15% future commission when quoting a price for your showcase . To calculate your final booking rate, just add 15% to your booking price.


How does the local advertising campaign work?

The local advertising campaign is a service offered by Pop Up Showcase to retailers.

For each booking on our platform, Pop Up Showcase offers to create and launch a Facebook advertising campaign to reach your audience and help you meet your business goals:

  • We identify and target the right people who’ll love your pop-up showcase offer.
  • We create an Ads. to invite them to visit your shop.
  • We finance and manage the daily FB advertising campaign during the booking period.

By investing in your pop-up showcase event, our objective is to increase your visibility and drive more people in your store during the campaign. For more information visit our Facebook campaign page.

Please note that this free service is not available during the pre-launch period.

How much Pop Up Showcase spends on Facebook Ads?

To support your Pop Up, we spend $2 per day on Facebook during half of the rental period to increase your visibility and drive people in your store. (Example: your rental is one month, we spend during the first two weeks).

If you wish to increase the daily budget of your Facebook campaign, just contact us. We charge a flat rate of 10%-25% based on your total ad spend. This single fee includes an account manager, ad creative, copywriting, AB testing and reporting. Minimum spending: $300

We allow and encourage the co-financing by brands. Think about it…

Please note that this free service is not available during the pre-launch period.


How quickly and how many booking requests I will receive?

Everyday jewelry and watch brands from all over the world are using Pop Up Showcase to find new retailer partners and engage with new consumers. Some retailers will have a waiting list of brands, other will take longer to generate interest.

We can’t guarantee your store will receive interest immediately, but we guarantee an international presence and visibility through our platform.

Will booking happen without my approval?

No. You remain in full control of who rents your showcase. See the brand details first and decide. If you require more information about a brand or enquiry, simply contact us and we will find you the information you need.

Who do I speak to if I need more information about a brand?

Every booking request is assigned to a band manager. This person is in charge of helping you to find the perfect brand. You can request more information about the brand by contacting your band manager or by contacting directly the brand. You decide.

If you prefer a direct contact, your band manager will send you the contact details of the brand.


What the brand can do in my store?

When it comes to the “permitted to”, the brand can only display its jewelry or watch pieces in the showcase during the renting period. All other permissions such as:

– presence of a brand representative or promotor in the store,

– creation by the brand of a private event, sales event or press event in the store,

must be clearly specified and accepted beforehand by the retailer.

Do I have to accept the presence of a brand representative or promotor into my store?

No. You remain in full control of your store and showcase. However, experience shows that clause collaboration between brand and retailer is crucial for success.

We highly recommend to request a sales guide or manual which will be use by your sales team as a training aid. Basically, it is a series of quick responses on customers’ common questions to help your sales team convert sales more effectively.

Who decide of the visual merchandising?

Great visual merchandising is essential to grab a customer’s attention and brands know what works for their collections. Based on the size of the showcase, brands must present a clear guideline to display their jewelry or watches (and provide props if necessary).

Accepting a booking request confirm the acceptance of the display guideline.

If you decide to charge for merchandising fee, it must be clearly started in your listing’s Retailer Rules, including the dollar amount.


Who is my agreement with?

The agreement is always between you and the brand. Pop Up Showcase is preparing the draft documents for both parties, to review, date and sign, ensuring the process of renting your showcase is hassle-free (or you can use your own legal documents).

How does the agreement work?

The agreement is based on two legal documents:

  • The license agreement.
  • The consignment agreement.

The license agreement is a legal document between you and the brand stating the rental amount, terms and conditions, responsibilities, and dates of your booking. The consignment agreement is legal document for transfer, storage, sale and resale of jewelry and/or watches owned by the brand.

There are standard documents and a draft copy will be attached to your offer, which you can review before signing. If you have a license or consignment agreement that you would prefer to use, please send it to us when listing your showcase.

Only once you countersign the documents is the agreement completed and effective.


How does the payment work?

Retailer payment safety and support is incredibly important to us.

Brands are charged in full as soon as the booking request has been accepted by the retailer. As a result, brands cannot require partial deposits to secure showcases in their listings.

To book a space, brands must send the payout within 15 days of the start of the reservation directly to the bank of the retailer. The Brand’s payout takes place for the license charge minus the Pop Up Showcase service fee of 15%.

For example, a showcase listed at $100/day would net the retailer an $85 payout.

Do I need an insurance?

Yes. You need an insurance policy in place for stolen and broken items. The insurance must cover third party and consignment items. Copy of the insurance policy must be sent to the brand before signing the agreement.

Find the information and documents that you need.  Click for more details:

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can open a ticket here, or go back to Help menu.

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